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Consulting Consulting

from $500 /day

Choose the right tool for the job

The time when web applications were created entirely in one or two technologies are passing.

Varnish, HaProxy, Redis, Memcache, Gearman, elasticsearch, beanstalkd, AWS, MongoDB, Git, SVN, Jira, NewRelic, Jenkins - those are only some of the tools used today in application development and maintenance. Let's discuss your solutions.

Code architecture and quality

System architecture is one thing, but application architecture is another. The use of design patterns (where indicated), correct separation of components, using S.O.L.I.D principles are the features of a well-designed, testable application.

Performance means a lot

There are studies demonstrating how site/application speed affects user satisfaction, resulting in profit! We will help you resolve problems with your application's performance.

Code is not everything, process matters

Think about how your company produces software. How often do you fix bugs? How is the product delivered to the customer? How do you take care of the quality of the software produced? Contrary to appearances, the process is as important as the code.


We are not an HR agency, but we can help in hiring new employees or promoting your current employees.

We will evaluate your candidate skills objectively. We will help in creating a developer friendly working environment.

You have not found service you are interesed in? Ask - very likely we can help you.

Training sessions Trainings

from $500 /day/group

Technology is not everything. You also need knowledge, how to use it.

Corporate training is led in-house or in a rented conference room. It is also possible to carry out the training over the Internet in real time - also for groups of individuals - then prices are set individually.

Example trainings:

What you should know about JS?

When creating web applications nowadays, it's virtually impossible to avoid JavaScript. Unfortunately the number of people who know, and more importantly, understand (!) JavaScript is relatively small.

The training focuses on showing how JavaScript really works and paying attention to the good and bad aspects of the language. It is designed for developers creating Web applications in any language.

PHP done right

The biggest flaw, and simultaneously biggest advantage of PHP is a low entry point. This is the reason why there are so many bad PHP courses online, which skips important aspects of security and performance.

PHP language is evolving, in addition to an increasing number of very good tools, which differs today's PHP development from the one that we all used to since older days.

This course is meant for people new to PHP environment, as well as for those with experience, but who for various reasons are not up to date with the new features of the language. Scope of the training is tailored to the knowledge and skills of the participants.

Design patterns in practice

Design patterns are used to solve recurring problems, which occurs during software development. At the same time, it is wrong to say that the more design patterns is used, then it's better. The first step should be to define the problem and then look for a ready solution. Approach like "hmm, maybe put pattern X here, and Y there" is a bad practice.

This training focuses on the most important design patterns used in web applications. We will begin by defining the problem, then we try to find a matching pattern, and then we implement it in our application.

Test Driven Development in PHP

Early bug detection, more thought-out architecture and easier refactoring are some of the advantages coming from usage of TDD methodology in the project.

TDD means not only test files, it's the whole process. Find out about an assertion, stub, mock, and many others. See how to test the potential "untestable" code and how TDD approach affects your application's architecture.

REST - why and how?

What is REST? Why lot of APIs just pretend to be RESTful? What HATEOAS is? How to create API using REST architecture? How to enforce security? What are the limitations, and is this really the best choice for your application?

Answers to all these questions (and many others) will be given during the training.

Looking for another training? Contact us!

Development Development

from $50 /h

We code - from fixing bugs, through adding new functionality or creating custom applications.

We specialize in web applications created using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. We create standard server applications, as well as the so-called. "single page applications ".

Each developing service is discussed individually, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer. Because it's practically impossible to provide fast, cheap and good services at the same time, our motto is

Fast, cheap, good - pick only two.
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